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Serving the community since 2002.

Check out testimonials, features, and how we stay clean below!!

48-Hour Delivery!*

* Depending on availability

Restaurant pick-up, groceries, laundromat , whatever it is we'll get it for you!

Cleanliness is our #1 priority. We do our absolute best to ensure unquestionable sanitization.

Free Delivery, although 20% tips appreciated to cover cost of gas.

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Marble Surface

Dear Omar,
During these perilously awful times of Covid-19, when people are so concerned for the health and welfare of everyone, we were ecstatic to discover your website.

Due to age and related health issues we were hesitant to shop for ourselves. You and your comrades were able to provide a vital service for us and the community. The website was easily navigated even by those of us with limited tech experience. This available service for area residents and beyond has been a lifesaver.

The deliveries were prompt; young people delivering were courteous and mindful of health concerns. They all wore masks and gloves. In addition, they kept their physical distance.

We greatly appreciated your service and wish you much success in future endeavors.


Dear Omar,

It has been such a help having “Omar’s Neighborhood” do my food shopping and delivery these past several months.  As I may have mentioned, my 88-year old husband receives dialysis treatments three times a week, and it is extremely important that he (and I) be protected from the Covid-19 virus to the greatest extent possible.  Knowing that “Omar’s Neighborhood” maintains high standards of safety and sanitation has really been reassuring to both of us during these challenging times.

What is more, you and your team members have been consistently excellent about selecting the food items I request and delivering them to my door in a timely manner.  What a comfort!

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About Omar's Neighborhood



I am Omar. I started this service as a senior at Holmdel High School because of my belief in the importance of  community service. It is for this reason that I decided it is essential, in such a complex situation, that the community mobilize to protect our neighbors at risk. Here at Omar's Neighborhood we try to provide families with their customary lifestyle while limiting any dangerous exposure at NO COST. We promote the utmost sanitization in our drivers and their vehicles to ensure you the best experience.

Let's stop COVID-19 Together!!



     Omar's Neighborhood prides itself on its stringent cleanliness policy. We closely abide by the CDC's official guidelines by masks for every order. We want to ensure low-risk delivery every time!